shutterstock_450368968If you’ve got a house that has classic décor, there’s little doubt about that wooden flooring will suit your house. Wooden flooring is quite attractive and provides a feeling of earthy warmth as well as course to your property. If you’ve got a reading area in your home or a room which you double a library, then hardwood floors with this room could look beautiful.

Your wooden flooring may be strips, planks or squares. These have various ways of repairing which are efficient and ensure that the wooden flooring is beautiful as well as durable.

However when fixing wooden flooring, one ought to guarantee the safety of wooden flooring. In precisely the exact same time you need to steer clear of all types of stray ugly marks on the floor planks. So here are 3 methods which are employed so as to make sure that hardwood floors looks fantastic and the strength of the flooring is also set up.

Face nailing: This procedure gives an extremely raw look to the hardwood flooring. In this method, the nail heads are left in this way that the heads of the nails are observable.

Screwed and plugged: This process is popular and utilizes screws instead of nails for setup. The advantage of this method is that it’s easy to maintain and clean. But it may take a while to complete this method and if it is not carried out in the right way, the timber can crack.

Blind nail: The most popular way of installing wooden flooring, this process makes use of screws using just one fundamental difference: self coloured putty is used to pay for the nail or screw heads to provide it a good finish.

These 3 methods are commonly used in hardwood flooring installation. In case you decide on any one, make certain you do so together with the décor and your individual tastes kept in your mind.